Thursday, April 23, 2020

April is aluminum month

 Not the whole month but last and this week I'm building a run of 7005 frames. The first one is going to Portland, Or. and will be in the deep mud of the next CX season, whenever that is.
 The frame is for a tall rider and has a 44 MM ID head tube in order to get the full 200 MM. The integrated head tubes I usually use top out at 185.
This next one will live in Santa Barbara some times and in Spain the rest of the time-again, whenever the next CX season starts. This is the current version of my team CX, the constantly evolving frame that I first started building in 1992. Back then it was steel but now it is 7005. I still do build a lot of steel CX frames but for the dedicated race-only frame this is what they are- light , stiff and simple.

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