Sunday, July 29, 2018

The shop is moving

 Yes, that's right. If you have been trying to call and the phone isn't working , that is correct- Comcast turned off my phone about 5 days early and has not been able to turn it back on again. With luck, the working phone and all of my shop will be at 719 Swift st. # 10 , about one block from the old location. I was not sure where I would wind up  but as luck would have it, an opportunity to remain in the same neighborhood came my way . Although the rent will triple I'll be happy to not have to re-locate somewhere far away and will like being in a newer more secure building.
 My shop is roughly the same size as the old shop but I'll have to get rid of a lot of old things what I have held onto for no good reason and my storage at the new shop is more limited now. I'm also trying to have a more open floor plan and a better work flow. For the last 22 years I have been in a very chaotic and cumbersome work environment. It is only my stubborn work ethic and energy level that has enabled me to build about 90-100 frames a year there. Now that I'm about to turn 63 I can't count on being able to summon up the same level of energy and/or stubborness. I am being ground down by this work and have to attempt to make things a bit easier on myself- you laugh......maybe thinking that my supposed idyllic job does not come at a physical cost. Well, believe it or not, it does. Just a few days ago I fell off a ladder during the move and got a concussion and a twisted ankle. In spite of this I'm still at it - against doctor's orders attempting to finish off the move.
Fortunately for me I have a big network of folks helping me with the heavy lifting as you can see in the photos. Much thanks to Kirk McNeil, Roy, Joey, Jamie and Q.Z. at the Mission industrial and special thanks to Jeff Traugott and Brendan for helping me through the worst. Also, big thanks to Greg Foy and Detlef Adam for getting the new site wired up and creating the much needed storage.
I hope to be up and running in about a week. Stay tuned, this move almost killed me but I'm amazingly not dead yet.

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