Monday, July 23, 2018

Shop move

yes, folks- this week and next will see the big move out of the old shop of 22 years. Now , just a block away I'll be in a much newer building and presumably  have a freshly re-organized and de-cluttered workspace. I have given away a lot of stuff and have recycled much old metal. I was really hoping to finish my career in the old shop but this move really had to happen if I wanted my customers to still have access to my shop. I'll have a more efficient work area and maybe even a display of small goods for sale- tee shirts, socks, bottles, stickers......never too late to improve the retail aspect- at least I hope that it isn't too late ! I'm sharing this spot with a really top-end wood worker-I'm taking the back part of the space while he will have the front section. A partial wall will separate the businesses. I'm planning on putting some bikes on the wall to give the place some flavor. The old shop really had a vibe to it from all the old fading posters, race numbers and dust of the last quarter century. The new shop will have little of that......its time for something new.

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