Monday, June 25, 2018

The next frame in the batch

 Here's another CX frame in the aluminum batch. 3 lb. 4 oz. of shred. This frame is 100% Dedaccai 7000 tubing and will be going to a local racer who has many victories to his credit over the last 3 odd decades. He said he doesn't have big plans to try to equal last season but I think if he takes a relaxed approach he will probably eclipse what he did last year-even though that in itself would be pretty hard to do.
 The dropouts and flat mount hardware is from Mike Ahrens - wothout Mike I think that the few of us who are building custom aluminum frames would be having to make our own dropouts and brake mounting hardware. Having done a bit of machining this year on some custom bits I'll tell you that it is a job better left to those who have lots of experience.
 This is # 2 in a batch that should number around 6-7 when all is said and done.
After this batch and some other repairs and steel work I'll be filling this empty space with my shop. Yes, this is a sneak peek at the new space- it has a pretty good echo right now. My shop will take on a new look- the old place had history......lots of it. The new place will have an actual planned flow to it.....less chaotic and hopefully a taste more efficient. I'm getting old so I need a system that helps my aging skeleton through the rigors of taming metal.

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