Monday, January 29, 2018

Schnozola for sale- the last one !

This bike was built for NAHBS. It has a 585 top tube and a 560 seat tube. It should fit a 6'1" rider perfectly.The bike was built in Bruce's shop which will close for good at the end of this month. Bruce did more of the building on this bike than on any of the other Schnozolas. The bike has his racks and cantilever brakes-the very last set of these brakes he produced. If you want to ride across the country and have a super durable and reliable rig, as well as have some serious style you should consider getting this one. It is marked down $ 1,100 from the show price and is currently $ 3,400. It has an XT build with bar-end shifters-Bruce's style that he used for his Rock 'N Road touring rigs. You can contact me directly as the bike is now in my shop. It has never been ridden.

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