Monday, January 22, 2018

Di II steel CX frame with Rocker dropouts

 Yes- it is a new year and I hope to be better about putting up photos of current builds on this blog. You can also check out the Rock Lobster facebook page or Paul H. Sadoff on instagram as I am a bit more active on those two forums.
 I made a mathematical mistake in my calculations for last years total builds. Turns out that I built 102 frames in 2017. I'm pretty sure that I am not likely to surpass or even equal that this year as I think that the probability of burnout could effect the quality of life and builds. I'm happy with what I did last year but as I have said in the past, I'm always trying to do better. The frames I am building now represent nearly 40 years of experience-they are probably the best so far. That said, I'm in this game for the challenge of continually trying to refine the craft. As long as my eyes and limbs still work and I don't get too forgetful there's a chance that my beast work is yet to be done.
Here's an example of the best to date.

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