Wednesday, January 31, 2018

S-3/ Columbus 'Life' road frame

 I had to wait a few weeks for the fork to be painted but the wait was worth it. The color match is perfect and the whole package looks right. This is my most popular style of road frame and since I only have a few S-3 downtubes left, it is likely to be extinct before the end of the year. I'll definitely try to source some tubes to replicate the ride and weight of this frame but it won't ever be quite the same. I have one just like this one and have been riding it for about two years now .
 This frame also has a King headset with the subtle logo. The owner opted for a 1-1/8" steerer rather than a tapered steerer to get a 45 mm rake fork. This slightly lower trail design will give the bike a bit of a livelier front end.

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