Thursday, March 24, 2016

Steel CX frame and fork for Alabama

 This might be the very first frame I have sent to Alabama. I have frames in nearly every state surrounding Alabama but here's the first one going there.
 The frame has a nod to tradition with a nearly level top tube and a flat crowned steel fork. This is a race bike that can take up to a 700x38 tire. No fenders or racks for this one-it will be all about tearing around in the dirt.


Doug said...
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Doug said...

Thanks for posting the raw pics. Interesting (to me anyway) that you apparently weld all the bridges and fittings. I think most builders who weld still braze that stuff, looks like you only brazed the crown?


swiggco world said...

I like to me crazy. The advantage is there's no flux. Flux is corrosive and hard to completely remove. Brazing also requires a longer heat time, something that isn't desirable with a lot of modern bicycle tubes. You can braze all the stuff that I weld but it is not my style unless the whole bike is brazed. Welding on cable stops takes a lot more skill......I like the challenge .

Doug said...

Cool, sounds like a well thought out choice :^)