Sunday, March 13, 2016

1984 Rock Lobster MTB

 Yes, that's not a typo. This is Rock Lobster # 2 , not the second ever frame that I built but the second mountain bike. The fork was built four years ago as the original one got lost by the third owner. I am now the first and subsequently fourth owner as I got the frame back about 2011 and restored it for the 2012 NAHBS in Sacramento.
The equipment is almost exactly what I put on the bike when I first built it up. The pedals are modern as the originals are long gone and were not all that great anyway. The bike first had a Campagnolo rally rear der. but a stick destroyed it after a year of riding in the forests around Santa Cruz.                
It is doubtful that this bike has seen the dirt since the mid '90's. This coming weekend it will see plenty, as long as the weather is good.
There's a mountain bike race in the southern Sierra foothills called the Keyesville Classic. They have a vintage MTB category and two of us will compete on pre-1986 bikes in that class. Should be pretty funny trying to ride these dinosaurs over the rocks .                                             


Richardo said...

That bike looks like it would ride great up and over the rocks! .....but it wasn't a was THE Rock Lobster!

steve garro said...

I'm glad you got it back