Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A visit to the shop of Mark Nobilette

 It isn't often that I get a chance to see another builder's shop, especially if it is out of state. I had the good fortune to see this shop and say hello to a truly great builder, Mark Nobilette. The shop is located about 1/2 hour from where the CX nationals were being held so I borrowed a car and drove down there on an errand for one of our team riders. Turns out the Mark has been building frames for Rivendell and our rider , Mark Abele works at Rivendell.
 Here's Mark's frame jig-probably has seen a lot of tubes over the last few decades. I think that Mark started building around 1974.
 Here's a manual screw machine for making small parts. A more mechanized version of this would turn out water bottle mounts by the thousands.
Mark Abele surveying the pile of tubing. This shop might look a bit cluttered but it is roomy and better organized than mine.......I'll definitely take note !
 This is the current build in the vise , most likely a custom Rivendell.
 Here's a detail of the clean and tasteful work that only experience and focus can produce.
I could not resist taking a photo of a Nobilette 'cross bike-looks like a shredder to me.


Little_Jewford said...

Is that an avocet seat and a red label mavic front rim? OG!

Meriwether said...

Mark is awesome, a legend! Got my first two cross bikes from him while racing in Colorado years ago. Thanks for posting those shop shots.