Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Big-tire road-gravel-CX frame for Texas

 This one is bound to be ridden just about anywhere. The big head tube will fit a tapered steerer fork, most likely an Enve. There's a silver Jen Green headbadge that the customer sourced himself. I went with the downtube routing as there's a bit less cable trouble with this routing in climates where there's a lot of rain and sandy soil. There isn't  that much rain in Texas but when it rains, look out !
 This is a nice sturdy set of tubes-really light thin-walled steel would not be very good where this bike will be headed-lots of rugged miles for sure. The PF-30 BB will be really versatile  and can even be run as an EBB if needed.

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Scott said...

WOW! is that the same Electric Mint as Lauren's touring bike?