Friday, January 24, 2014

Tall disc brake through axle road frame for 6'9" rider

Took me awhile to wrap my head around building this one. I had never built a frame with through-axles. Lucky for me, the Anvil jigs have tooling available for this heavy duty axle system. The rider is 6'9" and at least 265 lbs. The shop that ordered the frame and fork decided that the way to make the bike strong and safe for a rider this size was to go the route you see in the photos.
The unicrown fork has some really stout Reynolds blades and a Paragon tapered steerer that I had to extend a full 6". Yes-this is a really tall frame.
The tubeset is what I would use on a 29er MTB frame-very strong, yet below 6 lbs. I  was not trying to build the frame light, it just turned out that way. I put re-enforecments where I thought they were needed.
 The front and rear dropouts are from Paragon-probably the only company that has bothered to make such hardware for custom builders. I am very glad that Paragon exists, otherwise I would not be able to build this frame the way the shop requested.

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