Saturday, August 11, 2012

UBI class of August 2012

 This is my annual tig steel framebuilding class that I teach at UBI. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to be in Ashland and be part of the team at this unique school . I don't think there's another more well tought out program anywhere and it is constantly evolving to try to provide a better experience for the students.
 The new big dry-erase board is a welcome addition-a place for the instructors to write the mantra of the day.
 The last day-graduation and for some, the last chance to get the finishing touches on the last two weeks work......frame # 1.
Here are some of the students with their completed  frames awaiting the diploma and customary last words.
Here's the frame I built for the demo parts of the class. This frame will stay at UBI and will hopefully be something the boss can take out on rides on the rare chance that he has time to pedal. look for me to return in August of 2013.

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