Friday, August 24, 2012

Really tall 7005 road frame

 I hope this one is big enough. The rider is 6'4".....he looks taller than that . I'm hoping to have it all ready for him to ride from here to his cabin in the Sierras. I think it will be about 160 miles over two days. I hope he has been training.....the last 25 miles will be tough.
 I haven't weighed this one yet but it feels like about 3 1/2 lbs. Not bad for such a large frame but in aluminum you don't get much additional weight from the increase in size. I used normal guage and diameter tubes so that the ride would be less punishing for all day riding.
I had one of these 660 mm Easton seat tubes left in my stash. I'm glad I still had one. The next really tall frame will have something else a bit less elegant- That is the problem with a finite supply.


Peter W. Polack said...

"I hope this one if big enough. The rider is 6'4",,,he looks taller than that."

I have to ask; how do you deal with customers who give you wrong measurements, leading to frames that don't fit? Sounds like you at least saw photos of the customer and it raised questions.

swiggco world said...

This rider is someone I know. I'm just being a little paranoid about the size.....I'm pretty sure it will be a good fit. If someone insists on numbers for their frame and it turns out to be a bad fit , I can't be held responsible for the outcome-as long as I did my best to give advance warning of the error.