Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Was ist los ?

Back in August of 2010 I built a big-tire road frame and sent it to a magazine. This bike was pretty nice but the thing it was lacking was a set of S&S couplers. I wound up selling the whole built up bike last month. As luck would have it, I had forgotten that I was planning on doing a big ride on the bike.......that would now be rather difficult as I no longer had the bike. So , being a bike frame builder I got to work. Of course, being a frame builder means that one is broke most of the time so I would have to scrounge to build the next version of the big tire road bike.
And here you see it, the next version. I used some salvaged and re-worked materials to build the frame-stuff that didn't find its way into customer's frames for one reason or another.......downtube cut too short , chainstay munched in the mill while being mitered , headtube welded on at the wrong angle for a larger frame and finally...couplers harvested from a crashed recumbent tandem. This stuff would never find its way onto your bike but I'm fine using this stuff for my own bike. Hey, I can say that this may be one of the 'greenest' frames I have ever built and I'm sure it will ride fine and last a long time.
It is my first own personal travel bike and because much of the materials were salvaged from the scrap bin I will call and fully decal this frame as the ' Dumpstervaagen"-with no disrespect towards any other 'vaagens' out there. It is what it is and I'll be riding it very soon as the paint dries.

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