Thursday, April 5, 2012

Belt drive commuter built up

This is a pretty aggressive commuting rig but it suits the rider. The tires are 700x25 but the bike will handle much fatter treads. The hub and light did not come with the connectors or a tail light so the wiring is not done yet.....this was no quick build as the wheels had odd spoke lengths and the mechanical disc brakes are always touchy to set up.
The odd thing was, the belt was very easy to deal with and is silent when being pedaled. The only noise is the occasional rub of a disc rotor-these hubs might not have as tight a bearing set up as an MTB hub.
All in all, it is a sure-footed rig that glides along without much effort.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Where's the fenders?

Oh yea you're in California :-)
I've never pedaled a belt drive but I am curious to try it. Seems ideal for a commuter rig used in especially wet, snowy locals.

Sweet build Swiggco!

swiggco world said...

Fenders ? Fenders ? Ayy, we don't need no stinkin' fenders......I think the customer will put them on around November.

24 Solo said...

Fenders will be added next winter, for now I'll just get wet. Isn't that what wool is for?

24 Solo said...
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24 Solo said...
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Adam said...

Awesome bike.

Ed said...

What an intelligently designed bike; congrats!

24 Solo said...

1st week of commuting put the bike to the test. And it passed with flying colors. Bike now has ~200 miles on it after a bonus ride up Mt Tam today.

Monday was a long day leaving before sunrise and getting home after dark. Generator Hub and LED light performed great.
Wednesday and Friday saw rain. No Problem. Bike was silent and descending from the GG bridge the brakes didn't mind the rain at all.

Thanks Paul!