Friday, December 30, 2011

Small Steel 29er

Here's a nice winter sunset out of the front of my shop door....the second to the last business day of the year.
This little guy is going to a customer who I have built bikes for since 1991. He's got the idea to try a 29er and this one is steel. The bike will be set up with XTR and a Fox fork, similar to how I have my bike set up. I hope he likes the geometry and big wheels as much as I do.
I used a NOS Tange Prestige 'concept' seat tube , probably the best steel ever. The rest of the frame is True Temper OX and Dedaccai wishbone seatstays.
After many weeks of waiting I finally have some Salsa dropouts in stock again-always nice to work with and they are stainless as well. I routed the cables under the top tube, something I didn't do until recently. I think on a smaller frame it's a good thing and the bike isn't as noisy when the road gets really bumpy. This is the last frame of 2011. Happy new year !

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