Thursday, December 15, 2011

Small scandium 'cross frame for NYC

I was told that this rider is pretty short, especially in the upper body. She is supposedly really tearing it up in the N.Y. 'cross series and plans to have this as her second bike. My hope is that after she rides it she might make it her first bike. Anyway, this isn't my decision-I'll just have to wait for a ride report.
Before I put all the guides on this frame tipped the scale at 2 lbs. 13 oz........getting down there for one of my race frames. The only way to lighten them further without weakening them would be to use an integrated style head tube and BB-30.....not on this customer's wish list. I'm sure a couple less ounces would not be super important for this rider.

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My Home said...

Hi Paul-I am writing because I will be the proud owner of this gorgeous frame you built me! I can't wait to give her a spin and I will definitely give you a post-ride report. Thanks you for your craft and building me this bike.