Friday, December 23, 2011

Shredding the gnar with retroshift

Behold, the retro shift. I guess after riding it on the trails here there's good attributes and maybe a little bit of funkyness. The shifters are simple and durable and very straightforward to use. My only complaint is trying to hit a low gear requires some added body english that I'm not super keen on-kind of an awkward move for a clutz like me. Appearantly it isn't too awkward for Erik Tonkin who sports a pair of these on his bike.
Behold, the gnar.....err....Monterey bay. I couldn't get a photo of the real gnar as I was too busy shredding.

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Adam said...

Hi Paul, glad you are getting on with the shifters.

1. Tonkin probably does. Of have an issue as he never uses the lowest gear (he is too busy going fast : )

2. The use of bar-end instead of downtube shifters is actually preferable for this reason as they have a slight bend in them that makes that last click easier.