Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two coupler frames

Coupler bike # 1 is a fairly large road frame bound for Salt Lake city. It has a straight blade crowned fork and some heat tube collars. The panels are the same as the last frame I built for a bike show last year.

Coupler bike # 2 is bound for Flagstaff, Az. and will have a nice dark British racing green paint. I'm still figuring out what decal color....the customer gave me a little leeway , the only requirement is that that the decal color doesn't clash with the base color. That would be pretty easy as I don't have any outlandish decal colors in stock currently.
This is another big-tire road bike , probably my most popular build aside from cyclocross bikes this year. I have one now being ridden by a magazine contributor. I hope he sees the value of this type of bike and the almost limitless types of riding one can do .
On the fork I used another Pacenti 'Artisan' crown . It is looking like these might be available again-something I am very enthusiastic about. I am building many more steel forks this year and really like having a variety of good quality hardware available to build them with.

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