Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big tire road frame for guitar builder

In the world of steel string guitars the name Jeff Traugott carries some clout. Jeff builds guitars for some of the better players in the U.S. and has a waiting list of years, not months for his instruments. Jeff just happens to be somebody I have gone riding with nearly every Sunday for the last 30 years and he is my neighbor in the building where my shop is located.
Even though Jeff is someone I see nearly every day, I do fully realize that his level of craftsmanship is insanely high so this effort from me really had to be a showpiece. It is pretty hard to see in the photos but I did spend quite a bit of time putting this frame and fork together so that it would ride and look the way Jeff wanted it to.
Sure, it is a welded frame but it still took about twice as long to build as the last welded frame I built. The few extras like the internal brake cable and the chainstay crossmember are things I only do once in awhile.

This is a Pacenti Artisan crown with a little modification. It really amazes me how the crown was transformed by about 20 minutes of filing. Shorten a pint here , change a profile there and bingo-you have a new look. The crown definitely has a more compact appearance than before.

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