Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The rig loaded for the commute.

I have not been in the shop this week as I have been laid up with a painful kidney stone. While i'm in enough discomfort to not be able to tolerate the unheated shop, I can still build wheels at home. here's my town bike loaded with the last few day's work, my truing stand, dishing tool and whatever was cluttering my kitchen. Tomorrow I see the doctor to get the kidney stone removed.......after 9 days of pain I am more than ready ! This painful interlude has slowed the bike builds but barring complications , I assume I'll be back at it next week with a full head of steam. Normally I like going to work but now it will be like a celebration !


steve garro said...

feel better, Paul!

Annah said...

Feel better for real. Kidney stones I've heard are the worst!

Asiya said...

water droplets

C. Alvarez said...

Hopefully, you get well soon! Also congratulations on the notable blog spot.

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Crescent Louise said...

I used to date a guy in High School who built his own bikes and this blog just. Takes. Me. Back. Ha!

I hope you feel beter.

xxx C