Friday, December 17, 2010

Travel bike fully assembled

I have been working on building up this bike today and it is ready to roll at last. The photos do not really do it justice as I feel this bike really came together looking better than I imagined it would. The bottle cages were a request from the customer......kind of a throwback to the mid-90's when Elite cages were on every pro's bike. They still are the most stylish, if not the most current.
The bike is the 'Big-tire road bike' that I have been seeing a surge in popularity as of late. The S&S couplers add a bit of weight but will really pay for themselves over the next few years of plane rides.
Matching Chris King hubs and headset make this a bit classier of a build than the stock 6700 group. The King stuff is also lighter and needs less maintenance. The couplers blend into the frame almost seamlessly. Not being a very large frame, it should pack easily.

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