Monday, December 13, 2010

29er bound for So-Cal.

This is the first frame I have built since getting my kidney stone blasted out. I took it a little slow on this one and I'm pretty proud of the results. All in all, I think this frame should handle the rigors of racing well as it has the beef where it is needed-the tubing is really stout here and there but the whole thing only weighs 3 lb. 7 oz. ! I guess that's what you get with 7005 aluminum.
The headtube is short as the 29er shock fork is pretty long and the rider is under 5'10".
I used one of Mike Ahren's seatstay yokes....there's nothing better to make for good tire room , lots of rigidity and some style as well. I use US made and designed hardware as much as I can.
Here's a tiny bit of hardware, or more like it-cobware.......a small brace to keep the disc brake from twisting the rear end into a pretzel. A lot of builders like me learned a number of years ago that any bike with a disc brake that is going to be ridden hard needs extra metal.

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recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Found your blog on blogs of note a while back. I love your work. Your freshly minted frames are works of art. Thanks for sharing.