Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Very small steel road frame

It was late and dark outside so i had to shoot the photos in the shop. This frame is pretty tiny but it has a fairly long top tube for its size to accomodate the riders proportions.
I did some bending on the seat stays to make them a little more roomy for the tire, the brake bridge and to space the rack bosses properly when I put them on tomorrow, along with all of the other braze ons. This is the last frame of 2009.

The headtube extention puts the bars in the right place without sacrificing important standover room. Here's a view of the seatstays from the rear. I did all the bending with an elderly mandrel from my prehistoric Bontrager fork raking fixture. While it is possible to do some nice bends with the setup, it is also possible to ruin some perfectly good tubing. Fortunately I didn't ruin any today.

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Annie said...

Oh my goodness! It's so cute.