Thursday, December 24, 2009

853 'cross frame

It has been a while since I have built an 853 frame. I must say, these tubes feel different just pulling them out of the box. There's a perceptable 'solid' feel.....maybe I'm crazy , but the high surface hardness of these tubes seems to be something I can feel just picking them up. O.K., I am crazy......nobody can feel that-jsut the same, the tubes are really round, ultra finely finished and just reek of quality. I now have a renewed enthusiasm for using these tubes, even if the price is a little steep. Maybe my next hardtail MTB will have a set. This frame is going to a local rider who will probably be riding trails more than racing. I built it solid so that it will hopefully last a long time.

I can put a few extra bends in the seatstays on a larger frame such as this. It's a nice look and makes for a more interesting appearance.

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Matsfro said...

I love the subtleness of those bends in the seat stays.