Thursday, February 5, 2009

two for the road

Winter time for some could be a fixed-gear season-such is the case for this person and her fixed-road trainer built from NOS Tange Prestige.
No rear brake or any possibilty of adding one in the least you know where you stand-legs are the rear brake.

Felicia's bike. The stays were all manipulated ( read: bent) in the shop. When the frame is this small the pre-bent offerings from the tubing manufacturers won't fit the bill. It's difficult to have symmetry when hand-bending steel and some times a tube or two will go into the scrap bucket but it's worth it to get something that makes the person riding the bike smile.

The panels and striping were done by Allan Neymark, an under-the-radar bike painting veteran of 30 plus years here in Santa Cruz. This is one of his best.


Little_Jewford said...

faux lugs?!?!? Funky...I think you (and the painter) pulled it off

swiggco world said...

fauxness baloness at your service !