Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big tire 'cross bike, this time with paint

Here she is in all her glory. This frame represents a lot of work and some old techniques adapted to a modern steel frame.
The little tube on the bottom of the chainstay is there to prevent the cable from rubbing on the 700x45 c tire that will no doubt fill out the rear triangle. As a former bike mechanic I know that not putting stuff like this on a frame can really be a major bummer for the customer or the person building up the bike.
The fork looks like my normal 'cross fork but it isn't. The blades are about 20 % heavier to be durable on the trail and not to flex much under hard braking load. A big tire bike demands this and the larger tire volume will give the bike a smooth enough ride.


@ 1 lap said...

She's a beauty, Paul. I love the big rubber on my cross bike, too.

@ 1 lap said...
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