Monday, June 16, 2008

You missed it.......

Unless you were here. The team by and large came together for a ride and feast that coincided with a visit from Simon . Since leaving Santa Cruz almost a year ago Simon has found a new life in Bishop that is far removed from the cycling scene - nevertheless ,the withering pace of the ride wasn't too much him even over-geared on his single speed cross bike. Simon's friend Hallie didn't participate in the ride but did get to meet everybody at the feast.
Back to the ride......the long line of HRS jerseys going along the bluffs and up into the hills was something to see. Unfortunately I was not able to capture this as I was fully comitted to grunting up the hill and not getting left too far behind. I was only able to take photos when the group was at a stop. With almost 20 riders we entered Wilder Ranch almost like an invasion. When we were up at the UCSC campus we got some odd looks and questions from students: " Are you on a marathon ?"
Other than some really gross food stories and a couple of flat tires the great weather and newly groomed trails made for a super pre-season ride with more than half the participants on 'cross bikes. After the ride we were treated to a metric ton of finger food and one of Stella Carey's masterpice cakes, this one being a banana split cake.......good source of potassium after the ride and delicious as well.
Today Simon and Hallie are off to Sonoma so it will be awhile before we see Simon again but this was a great event and a good time for the many who made it.

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