Monday, June 30, 2008

somewhere, under the rainbow

Where is this? This is where I live-it's where I ride when I can make the time. I'm sure that most people who will look at these pictures and read about this place will never visit it in person but at least this way I can show it to you a bit at a time. These photos were shot on a ride that took about an hour and twenty minutes, including the time to stop and take a few photos along the way.

This is the bluff just above route one north of town about two miles. The buildings on the left near the ocean are Long's marine labs. The fields near the ocean grow brussel sprouts.

I didn't even stop rolling taking these photos of the fire roads behind the U.C. Santa Cruz campus. Riding after work makes this framebuilder happy indeed. What makes me unhappy are the bozos that start all the fires with cigarettes and general carelessness.These signs are truthful as this forest could go up at any time if someone just flicked a butt out the car window. The air has been smoky enough for the health department to recommend not exercising outdoors.....I didn't pay attention to the warnings-hopefully my lungs aren't black. Fortunately, today was clearer and the fires are getting smaller .

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Mark said...

Enjoy the fire roads and general outdoors in upper campus while you can. UCSC is planning on paving over the fire roads and putting buildings where a lot of those trees are currently standing.