Friday, December 14, 2007

Big batch o' road frames

Some of you might not have seen the process of a batch of frames being built assembly-line style before. Here's what it looks like during week one.....ten frames, all of them 7005 aluminum going to V.O.S., a team based in Monterey, Calif. The process starts with drawings based on fit information, then each headtube is cut and machined. The seat tube is cut and welded onto the BB shell. Next, the top tube is welded onto the headtube at the appropriate angle. After that the downtubes are welded on. Today I'll assemble as many of the front triangles as possible. Next week the rear stays and guide will go on. 10 frames, ten buisiness days.....err, maybe eleven-whatever it takes to get the frames build properly and off to the heat treater.