Saturday, November 7, 2020

Chris King 2020 open house show bike for sale

That is correct. If you are 5'10" and want a team CX/Gravel bike with pretty much the ultimate cool build and you don't want to wait 10 months to get it, here is your chance.
The top tube is 560 mm. The seat tube is 525 mm C/T/C and the head tube is 155 mm integrated. 

Components are the following:

King gold anodized centerlock dischubs laced to Enve carbon tubeless rims. The BB and headset are also gold king units.

Bar, stem ,fork and post are Enve carbon as well. Tires are WTB Nano TCS 700x40

Crankset, brakes and shifters are Shimano GRX`810 and Ultegra- long story...I call it the Covid group. 

Saddle is a Brooks Cambium and the tape is Brooks leather. This is a really posh build. For those of you that don't speak posh, this is one sick build. You can have it for $ 5,000. Think about it.......the frame and fork are usually $ 2,300. A wheelset like this is about the same. I think this is about a 40% discount from what it would cost to order one and this is a new bike-unridden and not a demo. You can reach me at if you are interested.


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Blain said...

Wow. If it was a 60 I'd have seen about jumping forward on the list!