Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Steel classic style CX frame and fork

 Back in the late '90's I built lots of frames like this-cantilever brakes, level or near level top tube and room for 700x45 tires. Around 1991 there were only a few of us building frames like this- now they are very common , even if they have had extended upgrading such as disc brakes and carbon tapered steerer forks. That said, the geometry has not changed very much.
 This one will no doubt be fitted with genuine cantilever brakes instead of V-style brakes. It also has a cable stop for a front der. , a component that has gone out of favor by most bike brands in the last few years.
The fork is set up to fit a number of styles of racks. The tubing is a mix of Columbus for the most part with some really light stays - the rider is pretty light so this should , along with the smaller diameter main tubes provide a supple ride. Put some big tires on this one and you won't feel a lot of the bumps.

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