Sunday, February 12, 2017

Travel CX frame, fork and stem for France

 Lots going on here. This disc brake heavy duty S&S coupled steel frame can be run geared or single speed as the PF-30 shell will accept the Beer components EBB. Also, you can go belt drive as the Paragon Poly-Drops have a split when the inserts are un-bolted. Also, there are a number of different insets available, even one for the Rohloff rear hub.
 The steel fork has a 15 mm thru-axle and a port in the dropout for a generator wire so the whole mess can be internal. The upper wire hole is the breather hole in the steerer . The hole for the headlight mount is visible on the front of the lower part of the steerer. This is only the second fork I have built with this feature. It allows an internal wire without weakening the fork or creating a place for rust to develop as would happen with an external hole in the blade. Drilling holes in fork blades is something I avoid for lots of reasons and I didn't have to do it here.
The stem is one I built with Paragon fittings . These are heavy but virtually indestructible. I usually charge $ 200 for a stem like this. The cable routing is '90's style with the pulley for the front der. Not something I have done for quite a long time-it was requested by the customer and he's the boss. Rack mounts in the rear and fender mounts on the cross members complete the build. I definitely spent some serious time on this one and hope that the customer likes the result.

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a few questions: can this be built with a threaded BB? sliders instead of polydrops? max tire size? rough cost less the SS couplers?