Friday, February 3, 2017

Disc CX/Gravel frame for Utah

 There seems to be a new trend of folks having their fork painted to match the decal color. This frame is a pretty familiar platform-steel frame with a tapered carbon fork-thru-axles front and rear.

I think that this was by far the most popular frame of 2016-I must have built at least 30 of them. This year is looking to be much the same with all the gravel events getting more popular. I have done a few myself and do like the format. Nothing like riding mixed terrain for 4-5 hours with no need to go crazy anaerobic like in a CX race. The rides may be hard but the pace is usually pretty relaxing for a competitive event.
It is only Feb. but I believe I have nearly 15 of these on order already and about 10 in aluminum. Perhaps this is the bike that does more than all the others-good in the dirt but not too sluggish on the road.

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