Thursday, August 4, 2016

650 steel gravel bike for Houston

 A lot of thought went into this bike- not that I don't think about everything I do in the shop but this one was complex. The result is a robust bike with a really smooth ride and some versatility built in.
 The bike is pictured with 650x43 Bruce Gordon tires but it would also work just as well with any 700x28 tire/wheel combo. The radius of the two types of wheels is nearly the same so BB height would not change noticeably. This is also helped by the fact that the bike does not have a long wheelbase-about the same as a CX race bike. In other words, it might feel pretty snappy as a road bike with the 28's and not feel like a longer bike would with the same tires. The generator hub is a Shutter Precision with a 15 mm thru-axle. The gen. wire is inside the fork blade-I was able to do this without drilling holes in the blade-something I don't do as a safety consideration, not to mention the possibility of a rust portal into the fork. The bike will have a different saddle/post and pedals when the owner builds it up .

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stevep33 said...

It is nice to see a careful arrangement of thoughtful details. This is terrific.