Sunday, June 19, 2016

Team CX bike still available

 O.K., so the people have spoken......or more accurately, haven't spoken. This 49 cm c/t/c seat tube and 54 cm c/t/c team CX bike has been completely rebuilt and has anew set of unridden wheels that I built . The parts are a mix of 105 and Ultegra 10 spd. but the hubs are Ultegra 6800 and will take an 11 spd. cassette if the owner wants to modernize the drive train. You can have this bike for $ 1,600.00 and the money will go directly to the CX team for the upcoming season. Call me at the shop weekdays at 831-429-8010 if you want to check it out. Nearly all the equipment is new so it is ready to shred.

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