Tuesday, June 28, 2016

650 gravel bike bound for Houston, Tx.

 I have been very busy this year-it might set a record if fact......but I have not been to busy to build something a little different now and then. This is one of those-a disc brake 650 gravel bike-kind of like a CX frame but built for much longer events. The front fork was made to the same spec as an Enve GRD fork so that the owner can switch out the steel fork if he wants to save about a pound.
 It is going to be an interesting build with a generator hub up front and mostly a Shimano Ultegra road group with the R685 hydraulic brakes. Shimano disc brakes are my favorite-at least when I can get them ! Demand seems to be making the supply a bit short. They are worth the wait, though.

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