Friday, April 1, 2016

Whiskey-6 display bike comes home

After about 16 seasons of riding on rim brakes, 11 of them on the same bike I now have a new CX bike and it is much more current than what I have been on since 2005. The folks at Whiskey set me up with a pretty impressive build-the wheels alone are impressive: Whiskey carbon clincher rims on Industry 9 hubs. These are parts I have not had in the shop until now. I'm impressed.
 This bike is just under 20 lbs. and is a full 2 1/2 lbs. heavier than my 2005 bike but for some reason I can't figure out it feels faster !  The wheel/ire combo really is a smooth ride. I have some other tires they sent me that I am itching to try.
Disc brakes, one-by drive train, thru axles........have I gone to the dark side at last ? Well, I'm probably not going back soon !  All of this stuff really works well and simplifies riding in a way that makes for a bit more fun.......maybe its just the new bike thing.....but still, this is a great build and I thank Whiskey and Salsa folks for making it happen.

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romain mousset said...

Welcome to the future !
Enjoy it you deserve it !