Monday, April 4, 2016

big tire CX frame and fork for So-Cal

 This steel frame and fork should be able to take at least a 700x43 tire. There's a good chance that this very yellow edition will be putting in miles in the Angeles Crest forest above the L.A. basin-a good way to get above the smog .
 The disc mounts are post style front and rear and the frame has a third set of bottle mounts under the down tube. I used to only do these about once a year. Now, every third frame I build has them. Seems like folks are riding further out into the wilderness than before, either that or global warming has simulated a nation wide thirst.
This frame set is also set up with thru-axles front and rear with the front in this case a 15 mm. The dropouts can also accommodate 12 mm .

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Hans Groszkruger said...

for nathan carballo? i told him to get the third bosses! my only regret with the frame you made me! looks great paul!