Saturday, July 11, 2015

Steel road frame for Pittsburgh

 There's a bit more tire room on this one-700x28 tires should have plenty of room. The tapered steerer forks tend to have a bit more tire room as well so the combo should be good for a variety of road surfaces.
 This rider is 170 lbs. and told me that he tends to be pretty rough on bikes so I went for a stout down tube. The rest of the set is fairly light without being delicate. The chain stays have a slight s-bend that allows for more tire room without needing additional crimps.
This is maybe the 6th frame I have blitzing the new pulser attachment for my welder. I know that this is old technology but for me it is new. The result is a tighter heat zone and a slightly more orderly bead. I am having fun getting up to speed with the new tool. There's always something to learn in the shop-it keeps me coming back every day.

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