Saturday, May 10, 2014

First week of a month of aluminum building

Not the entire month but most of it will be spent building about a dozen aluminum frames, mostly CX but there will be a road frame or two in the mix. This one is going to North Carolina.

 The rider of this frame lives in Calif. He is over 6'5" and has a 37 " inseam, about as long as someone much taller, hence the gigantic headtube. I checked my notes several times to make sure I was not overdoing it.....

 This single speed CX frame is going to a very fast guy in Texas. I hope  that this 3 lb. 10 oz. frame does not hold him back in any would be cool to have some representation in the lone star state on the CX course.
 This frame has some pretty nice Mike Ahrens dropouts with bronze faces. The cost about 3x as much as others but they are well worth the expense.US made frame building hardware is the best.

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