Saturday, May 10, 2014

Birth of a new bike

 This frame and fork will be built into a complete bike for a friend of mine. The frame is a result of a collaboration between myself and Bruce Gordon. Our combined years of building is somewhere around 70-plus years so this collaboration is unique in that respect. The frame will take up to a 700x43 tire-Bruce designed and sells this particular tire called "Rock 'n road", an all conditions high quality tread .
These will be sold as complete bikes in four incarnations: # 1, Shimano 105 STIor SLX (with bar-con shifters ) for around $ 3,000 . # 2, Shimano Ultegra STI or XT ( with bar-con shifters) for around $  3,600. The idea is an American made bike for a great price with solid equipment made by two guys who have a lot of experience. Also, there's a chance that it might get to be a kosher bike so you'll be able to ride it on the sabbath.....if that is allowed.
Oh, yeah......did I tell you it will have disc brakes ?


Niksul Valsidalv said...

If I could only get a Shabbos goy to turn the pedals ...

Eric said...

Is it possible to get with fender attachments?

Corey K said...

If I buy two, do I get mit eggroll?

This looks like a great project, Paul. May it do well for you and Bruce.
Mazel Tov!