Monday, October 7, 2013

Single Speed CX frame for a pro mechainc

 This frame is 3 lb. 15 oz. , barely missing the 4 lb. mark. The owner spends more time working on other peoples bikes so I really hope that he gets the chance to ride this racer a bunch during the season.
 nothing unusual here, just simple and traditional features for a bike that has little that can go wrong with it. Rim brakes, normal head tube and threaded BB makes for a really versatile setup-a lot of crankset choices that fit. The steel fork is similar specs to a carbon fork but with a few MM's less rake so it will carve instead of skid. -Just my 2 cents. The tubing is True temper OX and Columbus rear stays.

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Bikeasaurus said...

Can you please tell me the diameter of the down tube ? And has the seattube been ovalized t the bottom bracet junction? Thanks for your time !