Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fully rigid 26" MTB frame and fork

 This local Bay area rider had me build something I have not built for about 20 years-a pre-suspension design MTB frame and fork. Other than the disc brakes , this frame and fork geometry is the same as bikes from back in the day before shock forks and clipless pedals-when people hit the trails wearing jeans and hiking boots.
 The mostly True Temper tubing was picked to mimic the diameter and wall thickness of the Tange Prestige tubing of the late '80's to mid '90's. This isn't a nostalgia thing  it is to get a specific feel that one no longer finds in modern MTB's. There's nothing wrong with how MTB's have evolved in the last 20-30 years and people can ride all sorts of stuff that seemed impossible years ago. That said, this would be the bike I would choose for riding the local single track - it is a direct product of that kind of riding.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

That's a goodlooking frameset.

Reminds me of an old hardtail SS conversion I set up for my son recently. pics & story here.

Thanks again for sharing your work on this blog. It never gets old seeing what is coming out of your shop.

Doug Mayer said...

Love it! I'm on a suspension-corrected rigid frame (tange prestige, as it were) and while it works the same, it kinda looks goofy.

steve garro said...

I just built one too, made to mimick the ride of an MB-1 = Paul V-brakes even, it made me happy to build it!