Monday, September 30, 2013

26" wheel road frame and fork for Verona, Wi.

 Yes...that's right-26" wheels. Not 650 'A' or 'B' , just the same wheel size as mountian bike used to be-before they became 29ers and 27 1/2 ers. This is not for touring as it is a real road bike. It will have the ability to run up to a 1.5" tire but it will mostly have 26x1 1/4" tires.
 The S&S couplers indicate that this bike will see some travel overseas. It is a pretty tiny frame so it will fit into a pretty small travel bag with room for other items.
 I was pretty happy with how this one turned out. The people who will own this frame housed our CX team for two national races-good people deserve a really goof frame. The heat zone on these welds is about as close to perfect as I have seen on my work.

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virag said...

cool. dig the fork.