Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tom's ride 2013

 It was going to be about 90 degrees so the group did its best to get up the first climb before the heat really set in.Here's us at the top of climb # 1   at 2,450 '.
 Here's a view of the mountains just starting the descent down into the valley.
 Brent on his recently resurrected '70's Motobecane Le Champion. The triple crank came in handy on the grades.
 This group of buildings is a simulated middle eastern village......the military was doing maneuvers here a couple of years ago-maybe a rehersal for something........use your imagination.
 After the river crossing the group neared the lunch spot-a swimming hole at the base of the final dirt climb. It was really hot at this time of day and people were definitely feeling it.
 A dip in the water helped counteract the effect of exposure to the 90 degree sun.
 Meanwhile, the bikes were left up on the road, not getting a frosty dip in the cold waters.
 Most of the way up the climb there was a big rockslide. This was a bit of a hike but the fact that it is there prevents car traffic. This makes for a downhill where you can really let it worries about traffic coming the other direction.
This is the last water stop at the Arroyo Seco campground. The store was closed so we had to make do with the not too great campground water. Everyone was cramping at this point so the water really saved us.
At the end of the ride even my camera was so tired it could not fully open it's eye !

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