Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two big-headed aluminum 'cross frames

 Now there's two ways for me to deal with the new tapered steerer forks. This is the newest version  an actual tapered 7005 head tube. I have been waiting for this to be available here in the USA for quite some time.
 The only drawback for now is that I can only get one size-131 mm. This may work well on the bike in the photo but maybe not on your bike. I'm hoping that other sizes become available soon.
 Here's the second version that I have been using for about two years. The tubing comes in one meter lengths so I can make any size head tube for any size frame, as long as it is three meters or less.
 This version might not be quite as hip as the tapered version but it is what I have and I'll keep building with this tube until something better comes along. It is hard to say if the newer tapered tube is better but it definitely looks nicer on a smaller frame.

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