Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A duo of single speed aluminum frames

 This poor guy's last two race bikes have been stolen. This is the replacement, although it is the first of my bikes that this rider has owned. It is nearly the same as the frame that was ridden to the National win by Aaron Bradford except that it is for disc brakes only .
 Another difference is the 44 mm ID head tube for a tapered-steerer fork and the BB-30 shell. I guess this frame has all the new stuff that has become available in the last year or so.

 This frame is a fixed-gear road frame, essentially a track frame with road angles and a brake bridge.
 The frame sports the more traditional head tube and threaded BB shell. Both of these frames are in a current batch that looks to finish up at 7 frames total. With luck they will all be done by the end of the week .
The dropouts have stainless steel inserts , a nice touch for durability. These will be a standard feature of all of my aluminum track frames.

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Look out CCCX!!!