Thursday, May 10, 2012

Step-through 26" wheel townie and rider

 I got this one built finally-an interesting build. The drive train is mostly Ultegra with a CX-70 crank and fr. der. so I had to get some flat-bar road shifters. These shifters look just like the MTB versions but they have a leverage ratio that matches the road der's-it is not quite the same. Shimano was nice enough to dig up a set of these rare items for this little bike. The V-brakes are mated to some XT levers that have a reach adjustment good for small hands. The whole bike is surprisingly light and moves along with little effort , largely due to the handbuilt wheels with Mavic 717 rims. The Michelin city tires have reflective sidewalls and are really durable-I have gotten about 5 years out of mine on my town bike !

 Here's Mary, the owner of the bike picking it up-the day before 'Bike to work day'. Yes, that is a kickstand on the bike......can't have a town bike without one !

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Doug Mayer said...

that looks like a great bike! city bikes aren't as 'sexy' as race bikes, but they get ridden a lot more and deserve good parts. great job on the frame and the build!